Ford: Built for the Future
Uber Eats: Your Window
Sainsbury: Bag for the Future
Ford: Incentive Protection
Invisalign: Straighten Up
Ad Standards: Beyond the Frame

We were briefed on creating a campaign that positioned Ford as the vehicle manufacturer of the future using sci-fi imagery overlayed on running footage.

We also made nameplate specific versions:

We were challenged to come up with an ad campaign about Ford's price incentive program without shooting any new footage. We played off the idea of "freezing" the price by entering super slo-mo, which was actually just our product photography animated using 3d projection mapping. A creative solve that allowed us to further leverage our still assets.

We also made nameplate specific versions:

To communicate a story of our world to extraterrestrials we're using plastic bags that won't decompose for over 1000 years. If we don't change soon, hopefully those who come after us can learn from our mistakes.

Art Direction: Braeden Meck

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Everyone wears makeup on camera regardless of gender. Professional makeup artists will often spend hours with the talent perfecting their look.


Advertisers agonize over selecting the best photographers who have often spent their lives training to capture the perfect shot.


Studio lights offer photographers extreme levels of control over the final image. This can add drama, perfectly smooth skin, or other effects to the final shot.

Explore what you can't see in advertising



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itness ads use models that have dedicated their lives to their physical appearance, setting a unrealistic physical standard.


Tools like wires, blocks, or any other support you could imagine can be used to help models achieve certain shots.


Ads use backgrounds to help focus the viewers eye or make the ad aesthetically pleasing with simplicity or maybe a splash of color.



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Studio lights give photographers careful control of the appearance of their subject. A softbox helps soften that light, making our model's skin look flawless.


Ads for post-secondary education often try to make you feel like getting a degree is a breeze, ignoring the reality of stacks of textbooks and empty red bulls.


Advertisers often select models that reflect their customer base. Seeing yourself in the ad helps you imagine yourself in her shoes, creating a strong emotional connection

Explore what you can't see in advertising

Explore what you can't see in advertising


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Food photographers carefully position their subjects in the most appealing pose they can find. Often they use pins, stuffers, glue, blocks, or any other tool that can fit their needs.


Food photographers have a host of tricks they use to improve the appearance of food in ads. This could mean using anything from water repellent to keep buns dry, to spraying glycerin for a glistening finish.


Advertisers want to make sure every ad is impeccable, but flaws are inevitable. Photo Retouchers will use photoshop or other tools to remove unwanted distractions and blemishes, even removing or adding entirely new elements.

Meaning in
Art Direction
As I work through my advertising career, I find myself continually circling back to the same idea;

What does this mean?

Like you, my career is going to have an over-sized impact on my life. It's going to be a third of my waking hours. I want to be satisifed with the things that I have created during my short time on this planet. I want my work to live beyond me, and stand for something greater than myself. Whether through working on the Moderna vaccine rollout, working for Ford during the electric revolution, or pro bono work for maternity equality projects; I thrive when I feel my work does good. Now I'm just looking for the next opportunity. Is that with you?